Seeking to motivate and move others by sharing my uncensored thoughts, feelings, and experiences from trying to live a life of purpose. 

I don’t know everything about anything, so I’m going to say nothing about everything.

Life/Inspiration: Finding Meaning in Little Things

Where I write about this crazy life as my own attempt to make sense of it- or to at least accept that there are some things that are beyond my control. It’s the beautiful bits, the ugly bits, and the inspiring bits of life all rolled up into one yummy, greasy burrito.

Issues: Questioning the Big Things 

Where I write about the issues and causes that matter to me and the injustices I observe. Probably extremely opinionated and not completely credible, yet honest and important to discuss.

Travels: Appreciating All Things

Where I write and share pictures about my travels and expeditions as I explore the world God has created. It’s a big world out there and amongst the bad, there’s so much good to be found.