More than Single

Dear Madisen,

You’re still single.

I can tell you how outrageous I think that is.

I can tell you that one day you’ll finally find someone that will appreciate you for all that you are and love your soul so much that your “flaws” will be loved too.

I can tell you that I think that you’re gorgeous and have a beautiful heart that often gets overlooked and that one day it won’t– that guy will be the luckiest guy alive.

I can even tell you that you deserve the best and how I think that you’ll eventually get just that, even if it will take a hundred and one heartbreaks to get there (hopefully not).

But I won’t tell you any of those things.

Even though I think they’re true, that’s not the point.

The point is that you yourself are beautiful.

You yourself are strong.

You yourself are capable of so much.

You yourself live a beautiful life that you’ve made yours.

You’ve never needed a man to be any of those things.

In the end you won’t find anybody to complete you since you already are complete, but rather you will find someone with whom you can be your complete self with.

Until then, remember that you are meant to be more than just beautiful

and you already are so much more.


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