The Let Down And The Trust

I’ve always been an ambitious girl, who, from my parents’ struggles and successes, have learned that we need to work hard to get what we want in this life. I’ve taken risks and pushed myself out of my comfort zone with the security of knowing that nothing is out of my reach if I work hard enough for it. I’ve realized, through multiple life experiences (and Disney movies), that I can achieve anything if I have the right amount of effort and perseverance. I’ve been practicing an attitude of patience and hope through it all, but have slowly come to see that my control over most aspects of my life is merely a delusion. Take a girl like me and you’ll see that these qualities, which are praised in such a fast-paced society, can also foster an ultimate flaw: fear.

This certain type of fear makes it hard to be patient in waiting for desired circumstances, and makes it even harder to Continue reading