Hey, You.

You may be struggling right now, financially, psychologically, or physically.

You may have just lost someone and haven’t really gotten over it, knowing deep down that there’s a part of you that never will.

You may feel utterly alone, like no matter how many friendly and warm faces you see, they just don’t get it.

You may be the subject of someone’s envy or you may be letting your own envy consume you.

You may have been cheated on, by someone you love(d), by someone you hate, or maybe even by life.


You may be heartbroken and it feels like you’ll never love as profoundly and as deeply as you once did.

You may feel like it’s all pointless, like life has no meaning and we are all stupid and pathetic for trying to create one.

You may feel Godless, loveless, and hopeless, and you’re tired of others trying to prove otherwise.

You may be tired of doing the same things over and over, especially when it feels like you’re getting nowhere.

You may be mourning the dreams that died or you may be dreaming those dreams right now, knowing that in an instant they can be shattered.

You may be tired of the BREAKING NEWS: Murders, Terrorist Attacks, and Endless crime Against Humanity…Committed by Humanity.

You may be scared or worried for someone you care deeply about.

You may be scared or worried for yourself.


But you got up this morning. 


Sometimes that’s enough.

And you may not feel okay right now,

but you’re doing okay.



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