Travel- It’s Possible Now.

One of the things I learned in life, apart from the cliché of “if you really want to make something happen, you can” is that we always make excuses for why we can’t. Whether it’s fear, uncertainty, or what we rule out to be logic, we always make excuses for why we should wait to make our dreams come true. If I can just focus on A and B, I will eventually get to enjoy C. Yes, this is good thinking and, a lot of times, that’s true. But speaking from experience, I think that we sometimes overestimate the attainability of certain goals. For instance: Travel.

So, many people tell themselves that if they work hard enough now, they can just travel when they’re older, when they’ve establish a “solid” career, a “solid” life. They put their dreams of travel on the shelf, admire it often, and dust it off occasionally. However, if you look at a lot of those people, not all, but a lot, they’ve either dismissed that dream or life got in their way. Whatever the reason, it ends up not happening the way they’ve planned and that’s probably because all they did was plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a planner myself and plans are great, but sometimes I stay stagnant in the comfortability of it. I have this plan, I’ll make it happen. One day. But sometimes in this mindset I don’t execute my plans, making excuses as to why it’d be best to wait for a better time.

But lately, I’ve been focused on being intentional about making what I want to happen, happen. I’ve started to build this momentum of working towards what I want and refuting those old excuses as to why I shouldn’t start now. That goes for travel as well.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a seasoned traveller, but I have been to more places than many. This isn’t due to me being financially well off. In fact, mine and my family finances are struggling. However, because travel is something I’ve been willing to invest my time, effort, and hard-earned money into, I’ve made some things happen.

For me, it starts with careful planning, working on where I want to go and focusing on the activities I’d want to engage in. Simultaneously, I start the financial breakdown of the trip, calculating all the expenses like transportation, food, and even cushion money. This is followed by a savings plan, which highlights how much I’d need to save each month between now and the trip. Then, it ends with my favorite part: execution- tickets are bought and things are finalized.

I’ve been to Europe, studying abroad in London, with travels to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Paris. I’ve been across the United States by Train, going from L.A. to N.Y., seeing things I never would’ve seen if I’d travel any other way. I’ve recently detailed my smaller plan to take a week long trip to Kauai and am now working on my larger one to go Cambodia and Thailand.

My point is this: travel is possible right now. I’m in my early twenties and while I have multiple responsibilities, including financial ones, I’ve been able to make some of my craziest dreams come true. I intend to keep seeing the world and will keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, testing my limits. Carpe Diem, right?

No excuses. No bullshit. Just making things happen.


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