What’s Wrong with The World Mama?

We live in a society where so many foul things are accepted as norms. But instead of talking about it or doing something about it, many of us dismiss it and even label those who care as being too sensitive. “This is life, sweetheart, grow up.” Which is funny, because as a grown up, we are supposed to recognize that there is a problem instead of passing judgement onto those who care enough to do something about world issues. Many of you will see my points as ignorant, insignificant, and/or totally unnecessary. That’s okay, but I implore you to finish reading it before you consider it all a bunch of crap. After all, how can one pass judgement onto something one doesn’t fully know about? Oh wait, we do that everyday. Carry on wayward, friend. Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to politically encompass the world’s imperfections in one post or to provide any concrete answers. 

The point is to make me uncomfortable with writing it and you uncomfortable with reading it because we’ve remained too stagnant for too long. 

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